Mosaic of Frank by - Dick Wagner

Mosaic of Frank by - Dick Wagner

Frank started his musical career at a very early age. His mother claims he would frequently bang his head against his wooden crib in time to music that would play on the old fashioned am radio in the house.  When he grew up a little and entered grade school, teachers would single him out commenting on his musical abilities and singing. 

Frank self taught himself the guitar by nestling up against the family's stereo speakers while his sisters would play albums from the Beatles and the Doors, etc. - figuring out the chord progressions by ear.  His life changed in 8th grade when he was able to acquire a TEAC 3340s 4-track analog-tape recorder. That allowed him to record multiple instruments and vocals himself by way of the overdub creating tracks that sounded like a whole band had played them. 

Frank became hooked on recording and instead of hanging out after school with friends, he would race home to work under headphones in the creative womb of his own room. Frank had a high school band “Wild Mountain Jam”. He turned into a business where each band member would have an equity share based on how much they paid themselves. 

Succumbing to family pressure, he then got a traditional music education at UCLA in classical guitar performance.  After his graduation in 1981, Frank read about a new and powerful computer synthesizer called the Synclavier which he imagined would allow him to bolster his passion and capabilities for multi-track recording.  He built his music production company Third Wave Productions around the Synclavier after getting investors to help acquire the massively expensive first real computer music workstation.

Frank has produced music in a wide variety of genres and he continues to handpick projects. These range from composing, engineering and mixing for videos, and most recently, composing music for international art exhibitions in collaboration.